Case Study.

ASG Security

ASG Security

January 2011 to December 2015

The Challenge

ASG Security (now Protection 1), contacted us in 2010 with a special challenge: they needed a website redesign to reflect their current brand message, and page 1 visibility in Google for (then) 16 markets and sales offices throughout the country.

In addition, they wanted to portray a local presence in each regional market to reassure customers that even though they were a large company they had local sales and installers close to their hometown who could provide excellent local service after the sale.

The Solution

Project Details

Ignite RMR set to work redesigning the website, adding a custom menu navigation, making it easy for customers to choose between Home Security and Home Automation, and Billing, Technical Support for existing customers.

We designed a social media program for regional reach throughout the Mid Atlantic, New England, Carolinas, New Jersey, Texas and Oklahoma to grow a social media following and drive new traffic to their blog and other key pages of the website.

An national SEO program with local listings management across 40 directories and Google Plus laid the ground work for maximum search engine exposure to support sales & support for each local branch office.


At the time of acquisition by Protection 1 in June 2015, and completion of our engagement with the company in December 2015, our marketing team had grown the website’s total traffic by over 500%, and more than doubled SEO engagement throughout 24 markets throughout the United States. By December 2015, ASG enjoyed search engine exposure of more than 1,000 top level keywords on page one of Google & Bing for 25 local markets in 17 states.

Web analytics was a key factor in the sale of ASG Security for around half a billion dollars in 2015.

Our company is honored to have been a part of the ASG story.

“Highly recommended and a pleasure to work with. Not only was it productive in terms of substantial website traffic growth and lead generation year over year, but our relationship with Ignite RMR produced critical brand recognition growth for ASG Security prior to our acquisition by Protection 1.”

Bob Ryan, CMOASG Security | Protection 1

Nothing beats Experience.

Many of our clients have engaged with us after unsuccessfully working with local firms with no experience in industry technology.

Our team at Ignite RMR understands how important creation costs and long-term valuation are to your business. For nearly a decade, we have helped our clients effectively build RMR by marketing the Connected Home, Cloud Video & Access, Patrol Services, Alarm Monitoring and more to consumers, businesses, local dealers, and niche markets across the country.

A Small Sample of

Our Clients

A Dedicated Team For

Inbound Marketing

We help you to stop selling to your prospects and start helping them by providing the right information, to the right person at the right time. Our team will deploy sales automation within your campaign and across your organization so that your marketing message speaks to every prospect based on where they are in the buyer’s journey.

The Science Of Marketing. The Power Of Collaboration.

When you partner with Ignite RMR, you get access to a one of a kind marketing dashboard. You can log in at any time via your desktop or mobile device to view marketing KPI’s, collaborate on social media, email campaigns, manage lead data and more.

Dynamic Websites

Anonymous Visitor Tracking

The Visitor Timeline provides cross-channel marketing attribution across display, social, paid search, phone calls, email and more. The ability to see a visitor’s entire path through your website, social posts and phone calls brings a whole new level of visibility into marketing analytics.

Behavioral Segmentation

Behavioral segmentation allows us to better target your prospects with the right contextual message. With behavioral segmentation, you’ll see a lift in conversions which means you’re getting more from your existing traffic.

Contextual Personalization

Contextual Personalization allows us to drive the right content to the right person based on context. Contextual Personalization drives higher time on site, reduces bounce rates, and lifts conversions.


CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) is all about displaying the right message to the right person. Whether it’s an email, popup or web page smart block, we will deliver the right message to your visitors.

CRM Integration

Our software delivers leads in real-time to your CRM. More than just adding contacts to your CRM, our system transfers historical information to help sales teams make better decisions.

Live Chat Integration

Live chat software to enhances your website users experience. All chats are logged so we can create autoresponders, drip campaigns and other workflows triggered from live chats.

Online Event Marketing

For companies, coordinators and event managers who organize events but struggle when it comes to marketing the event, we have the answer. Whether your event is online or on-site, target contacts with email marketing, landing pages, social media, website smart objects and more to build awareness.

Sales Enablement

Call Transcription

Phone Call Transcription capabilities are part of a complete call tracking platform that includes conversation analysis through CallForensics™, call routing, call recording, whisper messages, and deep analytics. Deliver transcribed phone recordings to sales for easy follow up.

CRM Integration

Ignite RMR delivers leads in real-time to your CRM. More than just adding contacts to your CRM, Ignite RMR transfers historical information to help sales teams make better decisions.

Lead Claiming

Ignite RMR provides rich data about contact behavior from the marketing database to ensure only the most qualified leads are forwarded to sales. Claimable leads can be assigned to individual sales associates based on geography, company, engagement type and countless other decision steps.

Lead Scoring

Sales managers can track prospect behaviors and web activity, so they can determine the prospect’s level of engagement and their fit with the desired customer profile. With accurate lead scoring, our team can provide targeted, relevant content marketing at the time the prospect needs it, greatly enhancing conversion rates.

Integrated Softphone

Our Call Tracking allows sales users to easily make outgoing calls to any contact. With full tracking metrics, the Softphone feature is a great tool for sales teams to improve their telephone selling skills.

Outbound Email Tracking

Sales Email Tracking is a tool that enables you to send emails using your own email software and reports back to you the activity of the recipient. Enhance your sales and marketing activity by knowing who is engaging with you and what their interests are. No extra software or applications are required and it works with all email clients.

Whisper Messages

Whisper messages are a great way to immediately find out which marketing campaign initiated a phone call, and help your sales people be prepared to engage with every caller…even before the call starts. This powerful knowledge gives you real-time feedback – telling you which marketing campaign your call is coming from.

Call Forensics

Conversation Analysis

Unlike other call tracking solutions that just count calls, call forensics analyzes conversations that happen on the call. The enhanced call tracking conversation analysis capabilities automate the process of categorizing and scoring calls based on the purpose of the call, what was discussed during the call, and what products and next steps were discussed during the call.

Call Recording

Improve your communication with clients and staff by reviewing call recordings for quality assurance and sales training.

Call Tracking Analytics

With call tracking analytics, we provide call tracking details including leads generated from a specific campaign, calls broken down by region, department, and sales person as well as full attribution reporting.

Keyword Level Call Tracking

Get customer behavior insights beyond simple clicks with campaign and keyword level call tracking. Get the advantage on competitors by attributing inbound calls back to specific keywords, Pay-Per-Click ads, and web pages to their marketing source.

Intelligent Call Routing

Call Redirect routes your incoming calls to the right person automatically. No longer do prospects need to wait on-hold or navigate IVRs. With Ignite RMR they are directed to the person they need to speak with – instantly.

Phone Call Transcription

Phone Call Transcription capabilities is part of a complete call tracking platform that includes conversation analysis through CallForensics™, call routing, call recording, whisper messages, and deep analytics.

SMS Campaigns

SMS/Text Messaging capability gives you and our team a reliable method with a high exposure factor to get in-front of people with your brand, products and services.

Campaign Dashboard

Advanced Goal Setting

Advanced Campaign Goals allows us to set goals that fit your business. Track whether your marketing campaigns are succeeding in attracting prospects and generating leads.

Campaign Dashboard

The Ignite RMR platform allows us to deploy a breadth of campaigns across different platforms. Our platform is built around attribution reporting and brings it all together for our team so we can all easily see what is working and report business results back to our clients.

Multiple Brand Management

For clients with multiple locations or brands, integrated brand asset management solution enables brand managers to consistently and easily leverage brand assets in marketing campaigns across multiple accounts.

Social Media Tracking

For clients who desire to co-manage social media with our team, our dashboard includes an editorial calendar that displays social media posts, and allows your team to make posts across all of your social channels.

Website Performance

No more waiting for monthly reports. You can easily view your website traffic and detailed, page level performance of your campaigns at any time.

Email Marketing Metrics

Easily view scheduled and sent email campaigns and email metrics as well as use email templates to send one-off messages to your customers.

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